"The sky ain’t falling just yet."

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I am reminded of something Wolsey once told me. That I should only ever tell the king what he ought to do, not what he could do. "For if the lion knows its own strength, no man could control him." (The Tudors s1)

Community ABC’s
↳ D: The Darkest Timeline

"Enough with the timeline crap, Abed! Pierce got shot in the leg and died. Shirley’s a drunk. Annie’s locked in a mental ward because her guilt drove her insane. Jeff lost an arm in the fire. Troy lost his larynx because for some dumb reason he tried to destroy a flaming troll doll by eating it. Life has gone to hell, Abed!" 

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top fifteen one tree hill characters
↪9. keith scott

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine enjoy The Samberger for Umami Burger on the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on September 18, 2014

anonymous asked: anne boleyn + full body

…not the way that i do love you


David Oakes attends the Shakespeare’s Globe Gala Dinner, 17th Oct 2013.

favorite male characters → logan echolls (veronica mars)
"My day is complete! Veronica Mars has accused me of evil."

List of all my favorite ships
 » Lady Sybil Crawley & Tom Branson (Downton Abbey)
 "Bet on me. I promise to devote every waking moment to your happiness."

all the tv characters i loveone tree hill → Peyton Sawyer 

"You know I’ve got this theory, there are two kinds of people in the world. There are lyric people and music people. You know, the lyrics people tend to be analytical. You know, all about the meaning of the song. They’re the ones you see with the CD insert out like 5 minutes after buying it, pouring over the lyrics, interpreting the hell out of everything. Um, then there’s the music people, like Brooke. Who could care less for the lyrics as long as its just got like a good beat and you could dance to it. I don’t know, sometimes it might be easier to be a music girl and not a lyric girl. But since I’m not, let me just say this. Sometimes things find you when you need them to find you, I believe that."